Our Spezialitäten & Raritäten Range

Kenner und Liebhaber sind immer auf der Suche nach dem Besonderen. Das gilt insbesondere auch für die Welt der Spirituosen. Wenn Sie nach exklusiven Abfüllungen mit dem gewissen Etwas suchen, werden Sie in unserem breit gefächerten Sortiment sicher fündig. Read more

What makes whiskey, cognac, or gin a rarity or specialty? There are several answers to this question. Old distillates with an exceptionally long maturation period are considered rare creations. Furthermore, a spirit becomes rare when it is produced as a limited edition with a restricted quantity. Some products originate from regions that are not typical for the respective spirits. Even high-proof drops without a doubt qualify as specialties for spirit enthusiasts. In our selection, you'll find particularly old cognacs and whiskeys with maturation periods spanning several decades, as well as highly limited rum and vodka rarities. Spirits with unconventional or rare ingredients, such as whiskey with freshly harvested apples or fruit brandy with wild cherries, are also part of our changing offerings. Some of these spirit highlights are only available for a short period, as these fine drops are genuine treasures. Consequently, they are highly sought after. However, we regularly replenish our stock for you, ensuring that we can continually present you with special highlights. Ever wanted to taste whiskey from Taiwan or Japan? Our selection of international specialties makes it possible. Explore our range and look forward to high-proof rarities!