Tastings at the Buddelhuus!

Be it a whisky journey, a rum special, or the colorful world of spirits

Immerse yourself in new, unfamiliar worlds, conduct taste experiments, or deepen your knowledge of your favorite spirits - all of this is possible during a tasting at Buddelhuus.

Embark on a journey of discovery with us and sample whisky, rum, and cognac varieties that you may not have encountered before.

Choose from different themes and book one of our exciting and varied tastings: Join us on a "Whisky World Tour" featuring whiskies from around the globe, discover noble and special rum varieties during the "Rum Special", or delve into "the World of Spirits".

In a small group setting, we'll introduce you to various spirits and provide you with interesting background information. You'll enjoy these fine drops in the company of other aficionados of spirits and have time for some friendly discussions.

Buddelhuus looks forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience.

September 2023

Big Wine Tasting at the Eichenwies Local Community Hall

June 2023

Rum tasting at the Eichenwies Local Community Hall

September 2021

Kronenhaus Altstätten - a journey around the world of cask and whisky types

March 2020

Spirit & Fine Dine at Restaurant Adler in Oberriet

September 2019

Presentation with CVP Oberriet

August 2019

Product presentation with TSV Montlingen