Excerpt from the terms and conditions of dat Buddelhuus:

4. Right of Withdrawal and Cancellation

4.1 There is no statutory right of withdrawal in Switzerland, and returns or exchanges are only possible after prior agreement with the provider. The prerequisite for this is that the goods remain unopened.

4.2 If a customer cancels the purchase due to delayed delivery or defects in the goods or other reasons for which the provider is responsible, the provider will refund any amounts already paid as well as the return shipping costs.

5. Liability and Warranty

5.1 The provider guarantees that the goods have the promised properties, do not have any defects impairing their value or fitness for the intended use, and comply with the prescribed performance and specifications.

5.2 The buyer must inspect the delivered goods within 48 hours and report any defects immediately.

5.3 If a defect exists, the buyer has the choice to demand free rectification, make a deduction from the price corresponding to the reduction in value, withdraw from the contract, or obtain replacement delivery. The buyer's right to claim damages remains reserved in all cases.

Download sample withdrawal form.