Our Whisky Taiwan Range

Taiwanese whisky is characterized by aromatic depth and high complexity, featuring tropical fruit and exotic spices. Read more

Taiwanese whisky is characterized by its aromatic depth, high complexity, tropical fruit notes, and exotic spices.

In comparison to European production, barrel aging in Asia is accelerated. The warm and humid climate significantly influences the rate of evaporation. With an Angels' Share ranging from 6 to 15 percent, it is several times higher than in Scotland.

The rapid absorption of barrel flavors results in young whisky with a flavor profile comparable to matured single malt.

Highly acclaimed whiskies from Taiwanese distilleries have gained recognition worldwide.

The island nation of Taiwan, situated in the South China Sea, is among the largest consumers of Scotch whisky globally. Since 2008, the Kavalan Distillery has been making a mark on the international market with its frequently awarded whiskies.

Master Blender Ian Chang's portfolio includes bestsellers like Kavalan Classic and King Car Conductor. In 2015, the Kavalan Vinho Barrique was crowned the best single malt whisky in the world. Due to high demand, Kavalan distills nine million liters of spirit annually.

From the Nantou Distillery comes the Omar Single Malt, impressing renowned critics. Master Blender Mr. Pan crafted it as a tribute to the whisky heritage of Europe.