About us

  • About Us

    Do you love the taste diversity and always expect the extraordinary and special from spirits?

  • Then you're in the right place at Buddelhuus! We offer you a vast selection of international specialties that will delight your palate and leave a lasting impression. Just as our motto says:

    Everything except ordinary

  • Whether online or in person, there are many specialty stores for rum, whisky, gin, and other delicacies. What sets us apart is the combined experience from all areas of exquisite alcoholic delights. From cognac to rum to tequila, you'll find genuine highlights with us that invite you to taste, enjoy, and gift. Complemented by practical information such as growing regions and production methods, you'll quickly discover your next unique specialty with us.

  • With nearly 15 years of experience and expertise in international wholesale, we are familiar with the best and largest specialty retailers for spirits throughout Europe. This ensures you, as a customer, fast delivery and first-class service.

  • Are you curious?

  • Browse through our website or contact us. Buddelhuus is delighted to continually invite you to exciting delights at attractive online prices!