Our Brown-Forman Distillery

When George Garvin Brown founded the company J.T.S Brown & Brother in 1870, he became the first whiskey producer to sell his product in sealed bottles, ensuring consistent and enduring quality. Read more

In 1890, George Forman became a partner in the business, and in 1901, the Brown-Forman Distillery Company was established. The company survived Prohibition by obtaining permission, unlike many distilleries, to produce alcohol for medicinal purposes. Over the years, Brown-Forman added more brands to expand its product range. Perhaps the most well-known brand is Jack Daniel's from Tennessee, the oldest registered distillery in the United States. It is the world's best-selling whiskey brand, known for using sugar maple charcoal in its production. Additionally, the portfolio includes the Woodford Reserve Distillery, where tradition is still highly valued. The third brand, Old Forester, traces back to the company's founder, George Garvin Brown, making it the origin of Brown-Forman's success story. Brown-Forman now produces not only whiskies but also other spirits like tequila, gin, and vodka under its own brands.