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  • Yukon Jack Jacapple
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Yukon Jack Jacapple

Canadian whisky liqueur with apple flavor and spices.

35.0 %vol. / 0.75 lt

Yukon Jack Jacapple is a Canadian whisky liqueur with an alcohol content of 35%.

In the production of Canadian whisky, rye is typically used instead of barley, and the same applies to Yukon Jack Jacapple.

The blend is enhanced with spices, apple, and natural flavorings.
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On the palate, the mild whisky impresses with a fruity apple aroma. The flavors derived from various spices give Yukon Jack Jacapple a pleasantly rounded taste. Yukon Jack Jacapple can be enjoyed on the rocks or neat. In cocktails, the whisky liqueur adds a wintry-spicy note, and it's also commonly used to enhance the flavors of desserts.