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TBA Nr. 5 Nouvelle Vague Grande Cuvèe (2019)

The Weinlaubenhof Kracher winery is located in Burgenland, Austria.

10.0 %vol. / 0.375 lt

With the Weinlaubenhof Kracher TBA No. 5 Nouvelle Vague Grande Cuvée, the producers continue the success of the popular series. Comprising 40% finest Chardonnay and 60% full-bodied Welschriesling, they have crafted a fabulous dessert wine that was allowed to mature in oak barrels. After its intense aging period, it was released as a strictly limited bottling with 10% alcohol by volume. For those who love Austrian dessert wines or wish to expand their private collection, this creation should not be missed.
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The personality of this Austrian cuvée is a celebration for all the senses. Its golden hue promises a magnificent tasting experience. On the nose, fragrant profiles of tonka beans, nuts, caramelized sugar, and smoke unfold. The taste is a rich blend of fruity-sweet nuances: apricots and raisins meet kumquats, stone fruit, and citrus. They leave a balanced and solid finish on the palate. This dessert wine should be enjoyed chilled with desserts.