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  • Vantage Pioneering Spirit
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Vantage Pioneering Spirit

Australian Botanical Spirit

37.0 %vol. / 0.7 lt

Vantage is a completely new spirit with 37% alcohol by volume, capturing the essence of the sun-soaked Australian continent.

The distillates of lemon myrtle and berries of Tasmanian mountain pepper are refined with the oil of mandarins ripened in Australia.

In the "The Pioneers" version, Vantage is bottled in a 0.7-liter bottle, available in domestic Australia, duty-free shops, and on cruise ships. Since its launch in 2016, Vantage has already won several awards.
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On the nose, fresh citrus aromas blend with Australian mountain pepper. On the palate, Vantage is complex, smooth, and lightly peppery with hints of citrus fruits and mandarin. The long finish is balanced and warm. This versatile beverage can be enjoyed on the rocks or used as a base for cocktails or mixed drinks. Served well chilled, Vantage also makes for a special aperitif or digestif.