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  • Merica Bourbon
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Merica Bourbon

Small Batch Bourbon with a Short Maturation Period

45.0 %vol. / 0.75 lt

The copper-hued Bourbon Whiskey is crafted from 70% corn, 26% rye, and 4% wheat. Its traditional distillation process is patented, ensuring a refined taste experience.

Subsequently, it matures for six months in barrels made from exceptionally fine wood. The Merica Bourbon is bottled at 45% alcohol by volume.
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The Merica Bourbon reveals sweet vanilla aromas and hints reminiscent of honey on the nose. Its taste is distinctly bold, blending spices, fruits, and wood notes. Mineral elements add a refreshing touch. The slightly woody finish is short-lived. This whiskey is an ideal choice for social gatherings, perfect for serving neat or over ice.