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  • Mascarade Likör
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Mascarade Likör

Fruity-Exotic Liqueur

16.0 %vol. / 0.75 lt

Mascarade is a fruit liqueur made in France. Its unique blend of Armagnac, natural peach and apricot juice, along with premium vodka, gives the liqueur its special aroma.

Armagnac is the oldest brandy in the world. Similar to Cognac, it is distilled from fine wines and produced in the southwest of France.
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The fine liqueur impresses with a sweet-sour, fruity taste and a bitter Armagnac note in the background. It is excellent for various cocktails such as the Mascarade Royal, a cocktail that consists of half Mascarade and half champagne. Another simple cocktail is the Mascarade Apple: Mascarade with ice and apple juice.