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  • Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac Julien Colombier
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Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac Julien Colombier

Blend of 40 wine brandies, mostly aged in used barrels

40.0 %vol. / 0.7 lt

The collaboration between Hennessy and the artist Julien Columbier resulted in a limited set featuring a bottle and glass coasters adorned with colorful plants. Balanced and harmonious, the cognac captivates with subtle oak tannins, attributed to the hand-selected Limousin oak barrels.
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The Henna-red cognac unfolds with a fresh and lively bouquet of tropical fruits such as peaches and mangoes, mingling with vanilla, spices, and oak. Its taste is smooth and rounded. Raisins, ripe berries, subtle nutty notes, along with cinnamon, toasty flavors, a hint of tobacco, as well as vanilla and spices, lend the cognac a medium-long, complex finish. Gently swirled, the cognac with its 40% ABV is ideal for enjoying neat or with a splash of water.