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Captain Cane

Caribbean blended rum aged in oak barrels

40.0 %vol. / 0.7 lt

Captain Cane is the name of an exclusive rum that transports the sun of the Caribbean to our latitudes. It is made from mature Caribbean rum varieties. Their characteristic aroma met the savoir-faire of the distillers. They combined the components into a spirit full of flavor harmony.
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The fiery blend enchants all beholding eyes with a reddish-golden shimmer. Its fruity aroma resembles a perfume: melted sugar and bourbon vanilla blend with coconuts and tropical fruits. The fabulous aromatic profile is like a short vacation on a picturesque island: summery notes of coconut, vanilla pods, and bananas play vivaciously with the earthy spice of wood. The subtle accents of caramel give the bouquet its flavorful contours. In the finish, they form the centerpiece of the fruity-woody aftertaste, which, with an alcohol content of 40% ABV, ensures full enjoyment even for beginners. Not only neat but also as a base for long drinks or cocktails, Captain Cane is an absolute find.