Our Whisky Deutschland Range

Unlike Ireland, Scotland, and the USA, Germany is not traditionally associated with whisky production. However, in recent years, German whiskies have become hidden gems praised by connoisseurs for their flavor sophistication. German whisky makers draw inspiration from the recipes of experienced whisky-producing nations while incorporating their own production methods to enrich the domestic and international markets with innovative products. German whiskies have received numerous gold medals at competitions such as the International Wine & Spirit Challenge. In 2020, "The Westfalian" was awarded the title of the world's best whisky. Read more

In 2016, there were approximately 150 active whisky production facilities in Germany. Some of these locations in East Germany existed during the time of the German Democratic Republic (DDR). The majority of German distilleries are privately owned small enterprises. These small businesses produce high-quality varieties, often offered for sale as strictly limited editions. St. Kilian Distillers is one of the most well-known distilleries in Germany. Other renowned establishments include Störtebeker Brennerei GmbH, Hardenberg Distillery, and Evermann Whisky. Germany is not the birthplace of its own whisky varieties. Instead, original recipes from Scotland serve as the basis for aromatic single malts. The use of barley malt plays an essential role, and Scottish pot stills are employed in the distillation process. During their maturation period, the spirits age for several years in oak barrels. Alternating between new and used casks during maturation is also a widespread practice. These methods enhance the whiskies with subtle fruity notes and a slightly spicy wood aroma.