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The Mars Shinshu Distillery, founded in 1985 by Hombo Shuzo Co. Ltd., is located at an altitude of 800 meters, making it Japan's highest whisky distillery. Read more

  • Mars Maltage Cosmo

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    Mars Maltage Cosmo
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    Mars Kasei
The company has held the license for whisky production since 1949. Located in a region with an especially harsh climate, the distillery benefits from pure spring water filtered through the mountains over centuries. The whiskies produced are elegant, smooth, and highly complex. Another notable feature of this distillery is that it only produces whisky during the winter months—yet produces exceptional whisky. For instance, the "Mars Maltage 3 Plus 25 Pure 28 Year Old" was awarded the title of the world's best whisky at the World Whiskeys Award 2013.