Our Lagavulin Distillery Range

The Lagavulin whisky distillery enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide for its notably smoky single malts. Read more

Since 1742, whisky has been distilled at the Lagavulin location on Islay. The first legal distillery was established in 1816, and a second one was added in 1817. In 1837, they were merged under the name Lagavulin. Throughout its long history, the distillery has experienced several closures but has always been reopened. It is now part of the spirits conglomerate Diageo. To this day, the distillers exclusively use crystal-clear water from the Lochan Sholum and Loch Sholum lakes for their products. The high-quality, pure malt from Port Ellen Maltings also contributes to the excellent quality of Lagavulin whisky. The distillation is carried out traditionally in two steam-operated wash stills and two spirit stills.