Our Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery Range

The family-owned Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery is the world's largest production facility for bourbon. Each day, the distillery in Louisville, Kentucky fills 1300 barrels with whiskey. Read more

The family-owned business has been in existence since 1935, established by the Shapira family as a branch of the Heaven Hill Springs Distillery. To this day, the owners adhere to the same production methods that were employed around 80 years ago. In 1996, the distillery's warehouses were struck by a devastating fire. Seven out of a total of 44 buildings were consumed by flames, including the distillery in the neighboring town. During the period until 2000, Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery received material support from Brown-Forman and Jim Beam distilleries. After four years, the Bernheim Distillery came under the ownership of Heaven Hill. This acquisition ultimately resulted in the new name, Heaven Hill Bernheim Distillery.