Our Buffalo Trace Distillery Range

Buffalo Trace is a distillery with a long company history located in Frankfort, Kentucky. The oldest building on the company's premises was already used for whiskey production in 1792. Read more

The first official owner was Benjamin Blanton, who sold the distillery to Edmund Taylor after a short time. The company changed owners and names several times, being called, for example, O.F.C. Distillery, Blanton's Distillery, and Ancient Age at various times. At one point, the company belonged to the Japanese Takara Shozo, who sold the distillery to Sazerac but retained ownership of the proprietary brands. Buffalo Trace's premises have been designated as National Historic Landmarks since 2013. Buffalo Trace was the first distillery to recognize that a new market for high-priced whiskies could be tapped. The model was the Single Malt from Scotland. Today, Buffalo Trace produces whiskey in all price ranges and for every need. Their own brands include Sazerac Rye, Blanton's Single Barrel, and several others.