Our Benromach Range

Benromach is a distinguished Scottish distillery that has been crafting whiskies since its inception in 1898. The age of Benromach whiskies spans from 5 to an impressive 55 years. In the 19th century, F. H. Brickmann and the brothers John and Duncan MacCallum joined forces to establish the Benromach Distillery Company.

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    All parties involved in the establishment of Benromach had prior experience in the production and sale of spirits. This wealth of knowledge laid the foundation for their new venture into their own enterprise. However, the production of Scotch whiskies experienced a decline until the year 1900. It wasn't until the early 20th century that the Benromach Distillery became an active production site. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, production had to be halted shortly thereafter, and in the subsequent years, the distillery changed hands among various owners. The operators undertook renovations, upgrading the facilities with modern stills. It wasn't until the autumn of 1998 that Prince Charles officially reopened the completely restored distillery. Today, Charles C. Doig leads the distillery in a prominent position. The regional Chapelton Springs serve as a water source for production. Additionally, there are four washbacks and a mash tun on-site, allowing each step of the production process to be carried out directly at the distillery.