Whiskey from America

  • Whiskey from America

    Whiskey from America

  • It was the Scots and the Irish who brought whiskey to America. During the great wave of immigration in the second half of the 18th century, they found the best conditions to bring a piece of home to the land. However, since barley did not thrive, they had to rely on rye and wheat. This led to the creation of rye whiskey, which was also used for trading goods at that time.

    In 1794, George Washington imposed a tax on whiskey. The settlers did not accept this. It led to a rebellion in Pennsylvania, which was suppressed by a 13,000-strong army. As a result, they moved further west, to the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, which are still the strongholds of American whiskey today.

  • The most well-known variant is Bourbon whiskey, which consists of at least 51% and up to 80% corn. It matures for about two years in charred oak barrels. The most famous distilleries include Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam. Similarly characteristic to Bourbon is Tennessee whiskey, with the difference lying in the filtration process. It is filtered through a thick layer of sugar maple charcoal, which gives it its smooth taste. Brands such as George Dickel or Jack Daniels produce it.

    Another well-known type is Rye whiskey, which is mashed with at least 51% rye. Its low natural sugar content gives it its robust flavor. Typical American ryes include Knob Creek or Bulleit Rye.